We are located just across from Blossom's main gate which makes us the perfect spot prior to the concerts!

Things to consider before you visit:

We are not taking any reservations for seating. Seating is based on a first come, first serve basis. If the weather permits, we have plenty of outdoor seating available in addition to indoor areas. We encourage guests to bring a lawnchair if there is a wait for seating. While waiting for a table, guests can order wine or beverages. To order food, you must be seated at a table. 

Make sure to plan ample time to order food and enjoy wine before the concert starts! We have two kitchens that service the entire winery; a pizza kitchen and our main prep kitchen. Food arrival times may vary between the two kitchens. Prior to some Blossom concerts, we will be offering the Quick Bites Menu to help reduce wait times. 

We do not allow any outside food or alcohol to be brought onto the property with the exception of cake or cupcakes. We DO NOT allow tailgaiting in the parking lot.

No Blossom parking is permitted. Our gates close at 10pm and you will not be able to get onto the property to get your car until the next business day. 

Thank you for your patience with us as we prepare for a busy Blossom Season!